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Nine Saints

Nine Saints

Tradition asserts that the arrival of the nine monks was during the reign of Ala-Amida IV in the fifth Century. The monks fled to Ethiopia for refuge from the decision of the two natures of Christ imposed by Pope Leo I at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D. According to Ethiopian sources, they did not come as refugees but through invitation by King Ala-Amida to help organize monastic orders and schools. They made a large contribution to the church in translating books from Greek, Hebrew, Syrian, and other languages into Geez and in propagating the Gospel as well as setting up monastic orders and schools. They came from different regions of the Middle East, mostly from Constantinople (Second Rome). Some writers call them Romans for the simple reason that the Middle East was under the influence of the Roman Empire at that time. (Yesehaq, 19) All these monasteries are very active up to this date and are performing their monastic duties with the exception of the monastery of Abba Gubba, which was burned to the ground by the Muslim Ahmed Gran in the sixteenth century A.D. These nine monks have been canonized as saints.


Church in South Arabia

Ethiopia's ambassadors were held in such high esteem that in Persia they succeeded in securing the release of a bishop who had been imprisoned. She traded by way of the Red Sea and by the great caravan routes that went up to Egypt or North Yemen toward Mesopotamia. Some of Ethiopia's chief exports then were cattle, iron and salt which were exchanged for gold.
Her greatest product was coinage, which was also popular during the reign of Ezana: "...Axum and Adulis towns were overwhelmed with commerce, swarming with merchants of every nationality, Greeks, Syrians, Indians, Persians and Armenians." Along with this commercial and political development, Christianity also was begining to grow in South Arabia. Churches were established by Ethiopian Emperors and Constantine II. However it is said that Christianity was first introduced to this land by Famiwom, a Syrian born preacher.

Nine Saints
Name Of Saint Country Of Origin Monastery or Church
Abba Pantelewon Constantinople Founded church on the high mountains near Axum
Abba Likanos Constantinople Founded Debra Quanasel Monastery, near Axum
Abba Gerima Constantinople Founded Madara Adua Monastery
Abba Gubba Chelsea or Cilicia Founded Endabaguba Monastery, near Adua
Abba Aragawi Constantinople Founded Debre Damo Monastery, between Adua and Addi Grate
Abba Afese Asia Minor Founded Yeha Monastery, near Adua
Abba Tsehma Antioch Founded Sedenya Monastery, near Adua
Abba Alef Caesarea Founded Behnsa Monastery
Abba Yemata Cosia or Cooz Founded Geralta Monastery