Jah influence


This church was officially established on May 15, 1983, following a decision of the Holy Synod in Addis Ababa. The Church Building was consecrated and blessed by Abuna Elias, archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Djibouti. The church building in Cologne, Longerich (Lindweilerweg 94), built seventy years ago and named Lutherkapelle, belongs to the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde, Cologne-Gartenstadt and was kindly and helpfully transferred to the Orthodox Ethiopians. The foundation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Germany is being supported by the Tabor Society, instituted by Professor Friedrich Heyer and his students while they were in Ethiopia at Dabra Tabor, Constructing a school of the Orthodox Church.    The nature of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the richness of it's mental tradition is publicized in the German society through the activity of the Tabor Society, the publication of books and a magazine, and speeches in municipal centers.


A delegation of two men, Mr. A. Fox and Mr. N. Adams, came to Jamaica, West Indies, from England in 1972 in search of facts about the Rastafarian movement. When they found out that the Rastafarians in Jamaica were busy with the church, they went to His Eminence Abuna Yesehaq and expressed desire to become part of the church. They were gladly welcomed, and, after undergoing an intense period of instruction in the teaching of the Lord Christ, they were baptized and returned to London with church literature. Upon their return to England they evangelized, spreading the the church's teaching in London and among members of the Emperor Yohannes Ethiopian World Federation (Local 33) in particular.
   After being invited by Federation Local 33, Abba Yesehaq went to England from New York on May 24,1974. There he studied the situation and the desires of the people more closely. Finally, hundreds were baptized and received communion upon completion of an intense period of instruction in the Faith. Saint Mary Of Zion Ethiopian Orthodox Church was officially established. THE Church was headed by Abba Areggawi Wolde Gabriel, a priest sent from the Mother Church in Ethiopia. He was assisted by four western born Deacons, who were trained by him for the Priesthood.

* Mr. A. Fox after being taken under the wings of Abba Yesehaq and the Church, who taught him everything; left the church and founded his own organization in direct opposition to the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church, copying everthing but the name. They call it Church of Haile Selassie; yet the church of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie First is the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church which he personally sent to the West for us.